Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love Big

Yesterday was hard.  So painful and so sacred.  So real and so unrelenting.

An unwanted day occupied with grief and finality.  A day filled with remembering a life and reflecting on its legacy. 

As Matt's friends, many of us have felt smothered by this blanket of sadness.  We cannot imagine.  We do not understand.

But we also cannot fathom how much more his beautiful wife, his young children, and his loving family are struggling to take a breath.  To breathe through the sudden separation and the unexpected loss.

As they face the days, months and years ahead without their hero, we are compelled. 

Compelled to pray.  For peace and comfort.  For grace and strength. 
Compelled to carry.  To carry the loss and the loneliness.  To carry the daily burdens of life.

And without a doubt, we will also be challenged by the testimony of Matt's life.

Matt was a big man with a big heart.  And consequently, he loved big. 

His Savior, Jesus.
His wife, Amy.
His son, Levi.
His daughter, Sydney.
His family.
His friends.
His church.
His children's school.
His Georgia Bulldogs.
And football.

His passionate nature made the expression of his love big.  His service was big.  His devotion was big. 

Nothing small about it.  Nothing at all.

No one had any reservations as to where his affections resided. 

"... Love each other deeply with all your heart."
1 Peter 1:22b (NLT)

Which begs a difficult and challenging question of myself.

Do I love big?

Granted, love is often demonstrated in a million, tiny, unseen actions. 
But it can also be demonstrated in a million, grandiose, boisterous gestures as well.

Do those I love know I love them? 
Do my husband and my daughters see visible, tangible evidence of my love for them? 
Are there any doubts as to the devotions of my heart?

There were no doubts regarding Matt.

He loved big here on earth. 

And now he's loving big there, in heaven, spending forever with the One who loved him big first.

"We love because He first loved us."
1 John 4:19 (NIV)

T-shirt created in honor of Matt & his legacy

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